Project Type: Environmental Design
Client: Roundhouse
Designers: Dominic Lafrance, John Naboye, Angel Poon, Paul Porras, Jalyse Puk, Quinton Wong, Cam Zimmel
Date: October 2019
In the Fall of 2019, Roundhouse reached out to the Design Students Organization (DSO) at MacEwan to collaborate in the Vignettes Design Series Festival – a full scale art and design exhibition showcasing work from local artists, agencies and companies alike.
From conceptualizing, sourcing, and building the interactive space while simultaneously attending our classes, this project has been one of the most interesting and challenging undertakings I have experienced in my career thus far. In four short months, our team was able to debut "Roundhouse Playhouse," an interactive space inspired by all the amenities the co-working space, Roundhouse, has to offer.
Initial sketches and blueprints
Instagram interactions with our space

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